AMOUR NOIR Maison De La Mode

Amour Noir House Of Fashion: the new upscale fashion collection by Tribe Worldwide Apparel Co. 

Amour Noir means "Black Love" in the French language. The base of our power as a global fashion brand is centered in the meaning we place in each of our designs. "Black Love" is the most appropriate message to promote thru our exclusive luxury line of men's & women's apparel.

The look and feel of this collection is a cut above any of our previous offerings. Premium quality for the individual who prefers to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.


The remnants of collections passed...

Grab these gems before they're gone for good!


Shop Africas Originals

Our cultural spin on a streetwear classic... A real "head turner", africas Originals is one of our most stylish statement pieces 

Shop Hella Black Hella Proud
Hella Black. Hella Proud.
The most profound and powerful collection of gear.
Shop Talk Black To Me
Dope vibes from the 90s era when hip hop & fashion merged in a flavorful and dynamic way...
Talk Black To Me
Shop TRIBE Signature Collection
Our acronym for "TRIBE" is "To Rule In Black Excellence". This is the code that we live by. When you wear our brand you represent yourself. You represent us.
Shop Young Black and Lit

Young, Black and Lit is the only way to describe our generation and all of the dopeness we bring to the world through our culture of Black Excellence. 🔥🔥🔥

Summertime Collection

Beat the Heat with our dopest designs on tank tops and bright vibrant colored tees. Style and functionality for the TRIBE all summer long

Tribe Sample (SALE)

We're ready to let go of some of our prototypes.